Thursday, December 14, 2006

November, 2006 Results for Marin

Thornberg says "pop" for the Bay Area:
“Absolutely, the bubble has popped," said economist Christopher Thornberg. "When a real estate bubble pops, it’s a slow-motion train wreck. Things don’t happen overnight."
But it's not so clear for Marin, not yet anyway; we'll be the last to go. And over at the Ben Jones blog he is reporting that "buying a California house 'doesn't make sense right now'"; can't deny that.

Anyway, here are the "official" results for Marin in November, 2006:

Like last month, DataQuick's initial release of their data has Marin bucking the trend:

Vision RE posted this data for their sampling of Marin:

What jumped out at me in Vision RE's data set was Larkspur. Larkspur has been on fire lately (go check out past data in the Marin Data blog) but not in November.

Here is the "price reduced" activity for Marin SFRs as of mid-December, 2006 care of ZipRealty:

As promised, here is the graph showing the numbers of Marin properties in some stage of foreclosure (and more) according to RealtyTrac (recall that I am taking a "snapshot" of the data on or about the first of the month; so, for example, the November, 2006 data probably best represents October, 2006, etc.):

The above graph indicates that foreclosure-related activity was up slightly last month. I don't yet have a feel for how fast this data changes from month-to-month.


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