Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Income Gap Widens

According to this article, the difference between the median household income and the qualifying income needed to purchase a median-priced house in the Bay Area increased to $100,670. Here is the chart from the article:

Oh yes, I am just so sure that this can continue. Maybe one of you could calcuate The Gap for Marin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When those of us that were blue collar workers in the myriad manufacturing jobs now long gone from the Bay Area, that suffered through the Yuppie years listening to the "evils" of unions, and the assured superiority of their always increasing "Hi-Tech" jobs, watching you whine about the same thing us po' folk pointed out 25 years ago is comical. If my sons didn't have to grow up in that mess created by such short-sighted, greedy Americans. Now, how many of you preached the evils of NAFTA 14 years ago??

See? Got what ya asked for, now ya whine when the shit its UP the ladder.

Nov 5, 2005, 11:03:00 PM  
Blogger Marinite said...

farang -

Good points.

And I wish you would have chosen to share them in a more objective form rather then wrapping them in an insult.

But you presume too much. And I don't at all appreciate having words put into my mouth.

The fact that you say these things while at the very same time knowing absolutely nothing about me and my life experiences I find personally insulting and makes me question the intent of your comment. Your bold comments suggest that you are imagining what you wish to be true about me, maybe as a way to vent your anger and frustration, since you cannot possibly know anything about me.

However, I for one was against NAFTA. Unfortunately, blogs didn't exist then (you should be glad that now that blogs exist people can address in a more free and pervasive way the ills of society). I've never thought unions were "evil" and I wish my industry had one. I helped get the ball rolling for the creation of a union for graduate students in the UC system. Yuppies are a horrible manifestation of society IMO and Marin has been infested with them like a plague. Marin used to be more ethnically diverse and economically diverse; so-called "blue collar" workers were abundant and along side the doctors and lawyers who tended to be geographically localized to their small neighborhoods. Marin was a more pleasant place then. But then yuppiedom arrived along with its greed. But yuppies could be easily ignored. But then housing affordability was destroyed thereby closing off the possibility of normal working class folks returning or staying in Marin. And that's where I drew the line.

Nov 6, 2005, 11:33:00 AM  

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