Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Housing Bubble Bloggers Under Attack?

I received this email today, quoted below.

Despite all of the insults that we bubble bloggers are just stupid and wrong, don't get it, just bitter renters, jealous, doom-and-gloomers, etc. ad nauseam..., if we were just your typical It's-The-End-Of-The-World freaks talking to themselves like you can find on most any corner of downtown, then no one would bother attacking us or paying any attention to us.

Instead, because we bloggers have loosened their (the Real Estate "Cartel", the Real Estate "Complex") precious grip on information, they have to resort to unethical tactics which are all too familiar to them. Do you remember how "an army of cyber geeks" tried to find out my identity during that exchange with the Marin IJ? Same deal IMO.

Boycott housing.
I've been made aware that three housing bubble blogs, hosted
on blogger (blogspot) have been attacked and taken down today:


These sites are now redirected to spam sites. There may be others, and the attack may be ongoing.

I've changed my password on blogger, am logged in to avoid a logout, and backed up my code, however, the real risk may be the archives. I'd hate to lose those.

Yes, we are going up against some big forces and big $$$ - the NAR, millions of soon to be unemployed realtors, the entire corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex. I'm surprised it's taken this long to attack us."


Athena said...

Saw this over at David's place

Anonymous said...
from housing panic:

"If you go to overvalued.blogspot.com, which takes you to something else, right click on the page and select "view source," you will see that this HTML page for Atlanta real estate HAS, near the bottom, the HTML coding for overvalued.blogspot.com. In other words, somebody (or a computer) has rigged the page to accept the redirects."

not necessarily Liareah, but the attacks have targeted a number of the housing blogs.

May 30, 2006 11:53 AM

Marinite said...

Good catch Athena.

Yeah, if you cannot "win" honestly, then the corrupt Real Estate Complex will cheat.

Boycott housing.

Athena said...

I want to know how they got into his account to get the redirect into his source code?

marine_explorer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Athena said...

It has been completely overwritten... but you can see the redirects in multiple locations.

I checked the cached version for overvalued and you can see all the changes. I saved the cached version just in case returntodc needs it when he gets back in.

Marinite said...

A message posted on a thread in the Marin POS blog indicates that the Overpriced DC blog has been attacked and taken down too. I haven't confirmed it but if it is true then it seems there is a campaign being waged here.

Hapto said...

On Overvalued... if you track back through "Rene's" profile, you'll find her other blog which allows for comments, and I left a comment, about how diapointed I was, and it has since been deleted.

I'm Pretty pissed off. and it wasn't even my blog.

Athena said...

marinite... your main page is down. the main page is showing up as nothing but blank... and the source code is also blank. I got in here by clicking my saved link to this story on myyahoo...

Athena said...

ok... working fine now. But I swear I tried the myyahoo link for the main page... tried typing the address in... and tried links from other sites an each time the main page came up blank.

Marinite said...

It was happening to me too for about an hour. I think Blogger was just "having issues" as usual.

But I assure you, if one day my blog ever redirects to some site that tries to sell you commercial RE or something like that, then I've definately been hacked.

B. Durbin said...

Spammers die.


Please let me know when Overvalued gets its space back or a new location. I've sent people the link and am very disappointed to not have it available.