Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official

I'm sure you all remember that classic April 10, 2007 Leslie Appleton-Young quote in the Marin IJ that went "When is the 30 percent decline in Marin County's [real estate] market going to happen? Not in my lifetime"? I promised you then in a post that I would be "keeping this link for future use so we can rub it in her face when the time comes". Well, that time has come:

Leslie Appleton-Young: Consider your face officially rubbed in it.

From DataQuick:

When will people finally stop giving credibility to realtors and RE agents (and all others paid to have a particular point of view) by asking for their opinion on real estate? When will the mainstream media stop quoting them?


Dan Lyke said...

When will mainstream media stop quoting real estate agents? When large portions of mainstream newspapers are no longer ads from real estate agents.

Real estate pays the bills in mainstream media, especially in newspapers.

Lisa said...

I agree with Dan's comment. Local RE ads are a huge chunk of revenue, especially with so many others (jobs, classifieds) moving elsewhere in the Online space.

And it's not just the's the complete lack of follow-up questions when those quotes are made in a vacuum. Soft landing, flattening, no way we'd ever see 30% declines in Marin.....all that crap we heard in 2006 & 2007. Anyone who believed the REIC mouthpieces and bought a house is f********. Not that anyone in CAR would take responsibility for that.

Lander said...
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Lander said...

Apparently not "God's Country" anymore. Guess they didn't repent in time. Should have listened to the "crazed prophet" while they had the chance! Nice work.

Matthew said...

Poor, poor Leslie.. Think she'd acknowledge this? Naaaah.. easier to rationalize it all away somehow..

And all of this before (before!!) the real impact of this god awful mess has taken hold, which is the projected 9% unemployment rate.. given CA is already at 8.2%, I'm guessing the CA unemployment rate will be closer to 10%.. Lets see if that 3x2 1500 sq foot cookie cutter in Mill Valley holds it's price through this time next year... wanna bet ?

someguyinfairfax said...

So maybe in 6 months I'll actually be able to afford to buy something.

Not looking to time the bottom, if that is 6 months or 18 months, just want a nice little place to live long term that I can afford.

see me said...

Someone told me that Leslie Appleton-Young is on suicide watch at Marin General ... Is this true? Enquirer-ing minds want to know. Nahhh !!! But she will forever live in the hall of shame