Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canadian L33t

I've tried very hard not to get political on this blog, but....

I think I found a program that should appeal to Bay Arean ego in the unlikely event that the republican candidate for the US presidency is elected:


Blogger Ellen Kimball said...

Hi --

Searched for Marin County real estate and found your site!

I have an elderly aunt living in San Rafael and was just curious about the realty market in your area.

We're retired in Oregon and living in a beautiful home that we have been unable to sell. We wanted to downsize, but no luck.

So, we're here. I'll link to your blog when we return from vacation. Off to Las Vegas and hoping for "the best" this election cycle.


Ellen Kimball

Oct 28, 2008, 11:54:00 PM  
Blogger marine_explorer said...

Bwahaha...gotta love the big chimp infographic! Sorta ironic too how the announcer and actors in that segment were all Canadian; accents are slightly obvious, lol.

Of course, is there anything wrong with finding a new country of residence if the US circles the drain? No. In fact, it may be a very good option for certain professionals. Check into it!

Just so you know--if you want to escape fascism, don't move to Canada. There's almost as much nationalistic right-leaning crap in govt. there. I see it whenever I visit. Also--Canada's economy will crater just as bad as the USA. Guess where all the lumber was originating for the US housing boom?

Oct 29, 2008, 6:14:00 PM  
Blogger Rock said...

I believe that marinexplorer just might be missing the point of that classic video. With all of your academic/ theoretical education, perhaps you overlooked your history lessons, specifically, the motivation and work ethic of American pioneers, a group of people who knew that they could depend on themselves and their families, and who based their choice to live a hard life on their desire to be free from government intervention.

If you think that this country isn't worth believing in, and fighting and dieing for, then you haven't yet paid your dues.

If you think a "nanny state" is the answer, please take time and speak with those who escaped from former-Soviet countries. Maybe with some real education you just might realize that believing in your country so much that you'd risk all to defend it reflects the incredible principles that constitute our foundation.

This website is one of my favorites, thank you blogger.

Oct 31, 2008, 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger marine_explorer said...

"If you think that this country isn't worth believing in, and fighting and dieing for, then you haven't yet paid your dues..."

Oh holy cr*p, spare me your condescending lecture on nationalism--let's say we enjoy this in our own way? :P So what if I find a lot of humor in people who'll consider leaving the US for a non-existent, utopianist Canada? All the same, I laugh equally at the yahoos whose only "patriotic" option is to squat in the states in their deep-seated, infantile fear of everyone unlike them and do jack for Humanity. Man...too funny!

I seem to recall my point was--it's OK to consider living elsewhere on the planet--I sure won't feel like some fricking traitor, so piss off. Rock, lest you think I'm some snotty, elitist bastard--my family came here from Scandinavia 100 years ago and worked their arses off in dairy farming on the 49th until agribusiness changed everything. Where we once did farming, now we have professional degrees—as geneticists, chemists, and science educators. So spare me your "nanny state" diatribe and go do something worthwhile to justify that sack of chemicals called you. Feh.

Oct 31, 2008, 3:14:00 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Not sure what to make of that video feed, but I'm staying put no matter how this one turns out as it's too bloody cold up there and too hot and sticky elsewhere (except in Chile and some places in Europe)..

Back to this general subject, the current polls clearly show some of the problems in this country and challenges of the next President. We are a divided nation. Frankly, given the choices, it's sad that Obama doesn't have a 20-30 point lead across the board. I know that is my personal view, but c'mon, the next President is going to have to be an exceptionally gifted communicator, exceptionally smart and have tremendous energy and drive to get us back on course as a nation.

With everything going on, it's pretty sad (and frightening) when large sections of this country view school prayer, gay marriage and abortion as the key political issues of our time. Yes, that's quite amazing to me..

If he wins, I'd like to see Obama appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury, however... Now, wouldn't that be something!

Nov 1, 2008, 4:20:00 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

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