Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's News

I've been enjoying some of the thoughtful discussion you all have left in some of the previous posts. I hope that can continue.

I've been pretty busy at work and so I didn't have time to post much. But here is a list of the housing bubble related news. It's all rather negative; no sweeteners today, just more vinegar. The article discussing how talent is leaving the Bay Area because of the declining quality of life (to a great extent caused by the outrageous cost of decent housing) is good but not terribly surprising to those of us who have been watching and discussing this bubble for a while now.

U.S. mortgage rates rose Tuesday

Ben Stein: Housing will continue to decline

New chief keeps raising rates, hints at more to come

Foreclosure shock !!

Mortgage defaults to rise as housing market slows

US home loan demand falls to lowest level this year

Prices, sales slip for new houses

Delinquencies peak the third and fourth years of mortgages

Lennar says earnings up 34% before housing market Killed

US home foreclosures on the rise

Jim Cramer: Real estate now like Dotcoms in 2000!

Homeowners face rising insurance rates

HomeRoute Names Top 100 Relocation Destinations

Insurers Backing Off Homeowner Coverage

Fed raises rates in Bernanke's first meeting

Sales stopped at off-Strip Las Vegas condo project

Nervous home sellers tossing buyers incentives

Bay Area's economic growth stunted by housing, education issues

The Apologists Club

Big Cali Quake on the Way?

A cold February for housing


Bonuses to Loan Brokers Scrutinized

Home sales slowdown a boon to buyers: YOY price declines

EB take it to another plane

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