Friday, July 07, 2006

"Sausalito By The Bay" Needs to Get Their Facts Straight

I just discovered this reference to my blog in the Sausalito By The Bay blog:

Are You an Emotionally Manipulated

Housing-Debt-Serf?” in this land of costly homes?

That’s the question asked in the funny video on YouTube, featured on the blog Marin Real Estate Bubble, run by some anonymous person yet reaping 4,763 “views” since it was started last July.

See some photos and wry commentary about “Marin’s insanely over-priced housing market at the companion blog, Marin POS.

To give you a sense of the tone of this blog, the current photo of a home has this caption, ” I Thought Versailles Was in France or Something?

While Marin home prices are on your mind, you might as well visit here
and see the graph on prices.

I would just like to take this opportunity to relieve Kare Anderson (author of the Sausalito By The Bay blog) of her technical ineptitude and say that the Marin Real Estate Bubble blog has well over 200,000 views and nearly 1,000 unique (non-repeat) visitors per day since being registered with SiteMeter (I registered a few months after starting this blog and so the true numbers are almost certainly larger). Not much I admit but for a small, insignificant county like ours and the fact that I make almost no attempt to promote this blog myself, it's not too bad (my hope was and still is that readers who value this blog will promote it for me; idealistic I know).

But I appreciate the mention all the same. Thanks, Kare.

Oh, and assuming that post of yours is representative of your writing ability let me also take this opportunity to say that for an "emmy-winning former NBC & WSJ reporter, publisher of Say it Better ezine, author of SmartPartnering & LikeABILITY & speaker" your writing skills leave much to be desired. For my part, I make some effort on this blog to write well (not perfectly mind you, just well) and use punctuation correctly as I believe that one's writing reflects on the individual and I don't want to inadvertently encourage the ever declining writing skills of our youth by writing poorly myself. You should take your pseudonym (i.e., "sayitbetterkare") as sound advice.


buyer2be said...

LOL - hahaha....

As a long time lurker... that was great editorial.

fredtobik said...

It seems to me that she is just promoting your blog. It doesn't seem negative to me. Am I missing something?

marine_explorer said...

"your writing skills leave much to be desired."

Well...not to get personal or anything, but niether do I see NBC/WSJ-level journalistic standards @ SBTB, this article being another example. Another case of selective bias I see so frequently in the IJ. I see more amusement than spite for this blog, but it's funny she's closed comments on that article.

Marinite said...

I thought it was rather condescending what with that paltry 4763 views comment. Maybe I have read too much hate mail that now I am biased to interpret things negatively.

Ok, I call off the blog war.

mountainwatcher said...

Marinite, hang in there... keep the faith...
I don't know Kare's intent, but...
Sometimes any publicity is good publicity.

Her link to the POS page is a good thing.
What a great reality check.
These are real listings and the prices are obscene.

People will wake up to this stuff if they see it presented in a clear logical way.

Thanks for your hard work.
Sorry you're getting hate mail.

I salute you.