Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two Great Blogs 'n Stuff

I'm really busy again. No time to blog. But check out these new blogs (well, one is new and one has been around and linked to over in the right hand margin for a while but I never pointed it out):
This blog covers Bainbridge Island, WA -- "The point of this blog is to deflate the stuffy, provincial, self-congratulatory mystique that permeates Bainbridge Island. It also tracks the real estate bubble in the Westsound region, with a particular focus on Bainbridge Island." Sound familiar? They must be "special" too. Oh, and it's been invaded by Californian equity locusts so it ties in.

This blog covers the Bay Area. Now I can retire.
And go check out the quotes that can be found in some of the latest posts over at the Ben Jones blog. Priceless. This goose is so cooked.

Oh, yeah, and the Fed isn't done raising interest rates. Did you really think they were?

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